Narayani Beach Adventure Resort


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During our short travel to Bharatpur, Chitwan, we had the opportunity to stay at Narayani Adventure Beach Resort. While there, we got the opportunity to visit Maula Kali temple via cable cars and learn how the Narayani riverside is turning into a vibrant tourists’ destination.

According to a report, there are more than 200 hotels and resorts that are operational on the Narayani riverside. They are said to be becoming more popular with tourists during the Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath holidays.

Narayani Adventure Beach Resort

The resort is located on the banks of Narayani river in Gaindakot, Kusumghat, and offers delicious foods, free Wi-Fi, a cool pool, and stunning river views from every room. Additionally, guests are welcomed take a complimentary jet boat ride. 

It’s an ideal spot to relax and have some fun with easy access to nearby attractions and the airport just 5 km away.

According to Nepal Minute, “Visitors come here to see beautiful places, ride motorboats, and lay out in the sun on the riverbanks. A hotelier has noted that the area is particularly popular with domestic travelers seeking a quick getaway.”

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