Nepal After an Earthquake and Destruction


The April 15, 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu & Nepal, as captured by Omar Havana, a Spanish Photographer living in Kathmandu during the earthquake, has been published in Endurance, a book about Strength & Spirit of the Nepalese people.

In to-day’s The New York Times, reporter David Gonzalez has highlighted about Omar Havana’s work in ‘Spirit and Strength’ in Nepal After an Earthquake and Destruction. The following two quotes from Mr Omar summarizes how he feels about Nepal & Nepalese people.

I’m not looking for the ‘best’ picture, but the ones that tell a human story. When people look at this book, they might think it is a book about an earthquake. No, that’s just the context. This is about the spirit and strength of the Nepali people. What I want this book to do is for people who don’t know about Nepal to fall in love with the Nepali people. – Omar Havana
In an interview with The New York Times about Endurance

About what he learned while living & working in Nepal during the earthquake, Mr Omar summarizes as follows:

If we don’t have hope, were finished. You’d turn on the television and be scared. If you do not grab on to life, forget it. We have forgotten that in the developed world. We have lost that hope that exists in the underdeveloped world, where they are underdeveloped in terms of money. People grab on to values. Nepal taught me to get up and smile. Why get angry about not having a television? We have life.– Omar Havana
In an interview with The New York Times about What He Learned