New iWatch to Detect Blood Pressure



CNBC writes quoting Bloomberg, that Apple is going to add new health features to its Apple Watch next year, which include support for detecting sleep apnea and a blood pressure sensor.

Apple is reportedly working on a ‘health coaching service and new health features for its AirPods and upcoming mixed-reality headset’. The service said to include recommend workouts, presumably through its paid Fitness+ app, and eating plans.

Apple’s blood pressure sensor will reportedly detect when a user’s blood pressure is elevated, though it won’t show their exact measurements. Apple is working on introducing specific diastolic and systolic metrics in a future watch, the report said. There’s been speculation for years that Apple will eventually add blood pressure sensing to the Apple Watch. Wearables from competitors such as Samsung, for example, already offer the option in some markets. Health-care companies such as Omron also already offer watches that can monitor blood pressure.


With the introduction of the iWatch equipped with blood pressure sensors, Apple is targeting at individuals who are health-conscious and seniors, who are likely to experience these issues.