New York Times Sues ChatGPT

The MPR News reports that the New York Times has sued ChatGPT for copyright infringement, using the company’s contents without permission to train the chatbot. According to the report, the two companies were engaged in licensing negotiations, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement.

OpenAI leaders have reportedly insisted that “its mass scraping of large swaths of the internet, including articles from the Times, is protected under a legal doctrine known as “fair use” “, which allows OpenAI reused with permission.

The Times lawyers reportedly told the court “There is nothing ‘transformative’ about using The Times’s content without payment to create products that substitute for The Times and steal audiences away from it.”

The suit seeks to hold OpenAI and Microsoft responsible for the “billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages that they owe for the unlawful copying and use” of the Times‘ articles. In addition, the Times’ legal team is asking a court to order the destruction of all large language model datasets, including ChatGPT, that rely on the publication’s copyrighted works.

– NPR News

There appears to be a distrust between technology media companies and traditional Newspaper companies, as the former steal readers and pocket advertising dollars. Other agencies, including writers, comedians, and artists, have also reportedly filed complaints against the tech company, saying that OpenAI’s models used their material without permission.

The Times lawyers wrote in the lawsuit: “Users who ask a search engine what The Times has written on a subject should be provided with neither an unauthorized copy nor an inaccurate forgery of a Times article”.