Next Generation of Coronavirus Vaccines


The prestigious journal Nature in its recent The next generation of coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide writes that next generation of Covid vaccines might provide more potent or broader immunity, due to new technologies — but will have to fight for market share.

These vaccines are a diverse group, but the overarching aim is to deliver long-lasting protection that is resilient to viral change. Some could protect against broader classes of coronavirus, including ones that have yet to emerge. Others might provide more potent immunity, might do so at lower doses, or might be better at preventing infection or transmission of the virus.

The article is full of illustration, as the title suggests, and great read to learn what is on the horizon on the future of Covid-19 vaccine development.

Credit: Nature

Nasal Covid-19 vaccines are also reportedly in production which stops virus multiplication before its spread.

Credit: Nature

The magazine adds “But even if work on new vaccine technologies doesn’t directly pay off against COVID-19, it could still support efforts to combat other diseases, Saville says, such as CEPI’s work on a ‘vaccine library’ for different virus families to improve preparation for future threats”.