Non-Conventional Gift Giving


Day 18 OF Daily Notes Series

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Many of us are still deciding on what sort of gift should we buy to our loved ones. This cycles repeats around this time almost every year.

According to the Reader’s Digest most popular X-mas gift is tech devices (eg. iPhone, kindle, etc). Many people  choose electronics, clothes or other personal items as their choice of holiday gifts. We exchange our gifts, enjoy for while and then we go our own way. Forget about it until next year and the cycle repeats itself.

Impactful Gift Giving

Some gifts ideas they could be more impactful than others. Following are some ideas that I gathered and found interesting and thought sharing in this note.

Free Domain & Hosting

I read somewhere recently another gift giving idea. This non-traditional gift idea is to providing free domain & hosting a website for our loved ones to truly democratizing publishing and taking control back on our data.

Stewardship of WWW

Frances Berriman, a British-born designer from Sans Francisco, suggests, one of the best gift would be preserving “the best gift we already have – WWW” to future generations. In her own words below:

The WWW is a wonderful gift that we received over 30 years ago and, as web developers, we get to steward and share this truly global, open, platform with millions of people every day. Let’s take care of it by building and sharing experiences that truly meet the needs of everyone.

Frances Berriman on 24 WAYS
Personal Websites

Laura Kalbag, another British designer also suggests us to start creating personal websites. She recommends that we should start getting control of our own data through our own personal websites. Laura in her own words below:

Have you already got your own website already? Fabulous! Is there anything you can do to make it easier for those who don’t have their own sites yet? Could you help a person move their site away from a big platform? Could you write a tutorial or script that provides guidance and reassurance? Could you gift a person a domain name or hosting for a year?

Laura Kalbag on 24 WAYS
Gift of Self-care

A Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim suggest ‘Self-care” is the biggest gift we give to ourselves.
In a recent New York Times Well article on For the Holidays, the Gift of Self-Care, the Well column editor Tara Parker-Pope quotes below from Love for Imperfect Things.

The main point is how to accept yourself when you are living in a world striving for perfection all the time. Even if you feel there are many things in your life that are imperfect, if you look at them in a compassionate way, you discover that imperfection, in and of itself, is beautiful and has meaning.

Haemin Sunim from Love for Imperfect Things

Haemin‘s five steps Self-care guide:

  • Breathe: Start taking care of our breathing just a few minutes daily.
  • Accept: Practice acceptance – of ourselves, our feelings and life’s imperfections.
  • Write: Practice writing all the things – feelings, other matters of our life on paper. Start doing from the easiest task to complete.
  • Talk: Make a habit to talk to your close friends our problems, feelings etc. for our well-being. After the conversation, one often feels relieved.
  • Walk: Make walking a habit to distract our mind from whatever is causing stress in life. Haermin says” Walking can be an incredible resource for healing“.

A Small Start

I am starting to adopt the idea of non-traditional gifts beginning this year. During this holiday season, I am volunteering a local community to update & help maintain their websites. Throughout the next year I plan inspire & mentor others to create their person sites.

Cover photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash