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On Aging Backwards

Day 10 Of Daily Notes series

In the previous notes, it was mentioned that our aging process can be slowed or delayed by following healthy eating & active lifestyle. This notes post outlines simple 30minutes a day steps advocated by award-winning author Miranda Esmonde-White to slowdown or reverse (aging backwards) aging and live longer, healthier happier lives.

Aging Reversal

Is it possible to age backwards? Who does not like to look young forever? Indeed, it looks like that it is possible to turn aging process backward.

Miranda Esmonde-White, a fitness trainer & former ballet dancer, has created very popular dynamic stretching and strengthening workouts program called Essentrics. The Essentrics program is suitable for all ages and genders with a special focus on age prevention and reversal through movement. For more details visit the Essentrics site.

Aging Backwards

Is it possible to age backwards? Who does not like to look young forever? Indeed, it looks like that it is possible to turn aging process backward. In the book she explain aging process and steps to stay young & healthy. While discussing aging process, the author busts some myths about aging:

  • What we eat and how we have move has a lot to do in our aging process.
  • Small and consistent movements which engages all the body muscles & connective tissues helps to protect, support, bind together and provide protection from chronic diseases (eg., arthritis, stiffness, injuries).

Age is a result of our life style choices rather than a calendar year.

Miranda Esmonde-White in Aging Backwards

While choosing an active lifestyle it is recommended to be a smarter exerciser and make exercise a habit with a life-long commitment. The book recommends the following eight age-reversing workouts:

  1. Strengthening postures: Its not only important for looking great but is essential for healthy organ (cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, skeletal) functions. suggested workouts include, ceiling reaches, hamstrung stretches, baby stretch, side-by-side bend, side leg lifts, spine rotations and others.
  2. Strengthening weight loss: Without regular exercise we can’t manage energy balance leading to weight gain. Recommended workouts for this group include leg lift sequence, plies sequence, pulling weeds, side bends, sit-ups and others.
  3. Soothing joints: Lack of activity & movement is the most common cause of joint pain & arthritis. Recommended workout to decompress & relieve pains include hip strengthening, stretching of foot, ankle, knee, spine, shoulder, writs, hands, & hamstring, plies, side leg lifts & others.
  4. Increasing energy: Regular exercises & activities provide endurance & energy. Recommended workout include: barre footwork, calf stretch, leg lifts and others.
  5. Relieving pain: Pain originates from different sources. Recommend workouts for relieving muscular, joints or age-related pains include: waist rotation, shoulder blast, plies, and stretches for shoulders, quadriceps & hamstring, calf & soleus, spine and others.
  6. Enhancing balance: As we get older we loose our ability to balance our body. A simple workout like standing an alphabet while standing one leg & practicing slowly.
  7. Improving mobility: An in active body either young or old makes flexibility and movement around difficult. Recommended workout include: stretches of groin & spine while seated, plies for hip, knee & torso, deep side-to-side-bends, side rolls and others.
  8. Protecting bones: Recommended workout include: stretches of arms, hip & leg, spine & leg, side & ceiling reaches and others.

Science About Aging

Scientists at the Salk Institute, USA have reported that using new technique they were able to rejuvenate organs and helped animals live longer. They are trying to understand the process of aging and doing experiments in animals to test the hypothesis and beginning to understand aging process.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota also report that “high-intensity aerobic exercise, which can reverse some cellular aspects of aging.”

We encourage everyone to exercise regularly, but the take-home message for aging adults that supervised high-intensity training is probably best, because, both metabolically and at the molecular level, it confers the most benefits.

K. Sreekumaran Nair, M.D., Ph.D., Endocrinologist, Mayo clinic

The Aging Backwards by Miranda Esmonde-White is highly recommended reading for both young and old to learn & practice simple workout for longer living & healthier lifestyle.

Cover photo credit: screenshot from Miranda  Esmonde-White created Essentrics site.