On Disrupters


There are disrupters in both life & societies, some are known others are unknown. The COVID-19 pandemics have become one of the recent natural disrupters picking some winners and winners, without any accountabilities.

Video Conference: Its reported that Zoom is one of the winner with reported 3,300% increased in profits from remote working trend primarily due to increased companies sign up for the video conferencing app to connect staff working from home during the pandemic.

As remote work trends have accelerated during the pandemic, organizations have moved beyond addressing immediate business continuity needs to actively redefining and embracing new approaches to support a future of working anywhere, learning anywhere, and connecting anywhere

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan (source: CNN)

Grocery Stores: Most groceries stores sales have sky rocketed during this pandemic. Retailers such as Target, Walmart, Costco and groceries that sell food, medicine and other essentials have remained open and have been seeing a deluge in shopping.

Target’s sales have spiked more than 20% this month from people stocking up on food and household supplies, yet the disruption caused by the coronavirus means the retailer is putting on hold or postponing its other plans for the year.

Target CEO Brian Cornell (source: Star Tribune)

Laura Reiley, business reporter for the Washington Post writes that COVID-19 pandemic has also changed American’s grocery shopping habit with “contactless shopping, the elimination of free samples; less browsing and ‘product discovery’ and more focus on the expediency of repurchasing.”

According to the local Star Tribune, many department stores, specialty retailers, restaurants, bars sports & gyms have shut down due to the COVID-19 unable to pay rents, employee salary & other business expenses.