On iPhone Privacy Settings for Interest-based Ads



While reading on What Half of iPhone Users Don’t Know About Their Privacy: New Poll in Mozilla blog, I realized that I belonged in one of those 61% that didn’t know about Apple iPhone’s IDFA (an unique “identifiers for advertisers”) hidden in privacy settings. Like those 61% quoted in the post, I too make my decision to use iPhone because of the Apple’s strong public stance in customer privacy protection.

Prompted by the Mozilla post, I  followed the link learned how to turn off your iPhone’s IDFA as outlined in the Apple’s Website support site guide Opt out of interest-based ads in the App Store and Apple News.

By default settings, the IDFA is turned OFF by misleading Limit add tracking. However this feature can be turned ON from the Settings > Privacy > Advertising and turned ON the Limit Ad Tracking feature as shown in the image below.

Likewise, the Location-based Apple Ads feature is turned ON by default settings. The featured can be turned OFF by following Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and turning OFF the Location-Based Apple Ads feature as shown above.