On Productivity


This year I have not been as productive as I used to be. I am way far behind in my technical posts writing especially. I am still doing OK on my daily short posts and miscellaneous post writing on this site. I am only falling behind in my longer and more detailed technical notes writing.

Is it the Coronavirus pandemic effect? I read that some developers that I regularly follow for inspiration are going through a similar phenomenon. Sara Soueidan, an inspiring front-end-developer, recently wrote on her twitter account that she has been going through some changes in her personal and professional growth too.

Another writer and developer, Robin Randle, whom I admire and follow, writes similar experience in one of his recent notes. Revisiting his writing habits he writes that “there’s no progress, no sense of momentum or drive in the work. I look back on everything I’ve written and, well, I’m not impressed with myself. It’s not exciting.”

Pandemic related stresses are reported by others too. In a recent article in the Washington Post, reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel writes that some ‘graduate students have faced disruptions in their research and had their stipends stretched thin during the coronavirus crisis’ causing emotional stress.

Social Distancing & Mental Wellness

The Mayo Clinic health info guide suggests that social distancing makes well-being of mental health challenging. When I looked at recommended self-care strategies, I seem to be meet all most all straggles except a few.

You can expect your current strong feelings to fade when the pandemic is over, but stress won’t disappear from your life when the health crisis of COVID-19 ends. Continue these self-care practices to take care of your mental health and increase your ability to cope with life’s ongoing challenges.

Mayo Clinic Health Info

Maybe I should give time and continue to try to improve my writing better and evaluate after a couple of months whether things get better?