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On Sharing & Personal Websites

Day 20 Of Daily Notes Series

A few days before, I read a very inspiring post It’s Time to Get Personal by a British designer Laura Kalbag. The author reminds us that we all use conveniently available & yet free social networking or other internet services in our daily lives and share our most personal matters on those big tech platforms. The big tech platforms are easily available and designed to be very easy to use.

Personal Choices

Just like any other matters in our life, how we make our choices matters later in our life & those decision could make bigger impacts. For example, while making our food choices, should it be based on its taste & immediate satisfaction or based on its health benefit? Likewise, while choosing tech gadgets or its OS, should we make based on its looks & ease to use or based on personal privacy & security. In a free society, the responsibility of choosing any commercial product (eg. foods, technology, etc) is said to belong to us.

Sharing Personal Stuffs

Most of us use social media like facebook, Instagram, massaging Apps or Twitter to status updates, uploading personal images etc. For professional activities, we use LinkedIn and others.

Who owns our data

Because we are sharing our personal stuffs in bigger platform the data is owned by these big tech companies. By offering a small cost these tech companies are making big buck from our personal data.

owning our data

The author recommends sharing through personal websites and take control of our data, privacy back to ourselves bit by bit.

Have you already got your own website already? Fabulous! Is there anything you can do to make it easier for those who don’t have their own sites yet? .. Could you write a tutorial or script that provides guidance and reassurance? Could you gift a person a domain name or hosting for a year? .. Your own personal site might be a personal thing, but a community and culture of personal sites could make a significant difference.

Laura Kalbag from 24 WAYS

Websites as Holiday Gift

Inspired by two posts that recently read, It’s Time to Get Personal by Laura Kalbag  & Gift Giving to the World (Wide Web) by Frances Berriman, I have taken small step from this holiday season giving non-traditional gifts to individuals & community. This holiday season & next year I am volunteering a local community to update their website & help maintain for at least a year. Throughout the next year I plan inspire & mentor others to create their person sites.

Contents of this Notes is inspired by Laura Kalbag‘s post It’s Time to Get Personal | 24 WAYS. Cover photo by Héctor Martínez on Unsplash