One Month


One Month After…

This site was started exactly one month ago inspired by one of the writers whom I follow to make my own habit of writing on miscellaneous subjects.

I started this just write site exactly one month before, inspired by a post I read in one of my inspiring writers site, Robin Rendle whom I follow. In his blog site, he has maintained a likes page where he lists sites or articles he finds interesting without any comments. One of his likes listed was Miscelanea maintained by Desirée García. The site’s title, its meaning and purpose inspired me to create my own similar site.

The Miscelanea is a type of little neighborhood general store commonly found in Mexico that sells sundries, like soda, [individual] eggs, school supplies and firecrackers. This type of stores are called kirana in India-Nepal, a ‘mom-and-pop’ family-owned convenience stores which constitute part of the traditional food retail system.

This site is designed similar to kirana or Miscelanea, a non-structured site with contents that includes anything and everything. On this site, I plan to avoid a few topics, though — politics, religions, personal matters.

What to Write?

While creating contents, one of the questions in most people’s mind is what to write? The answer is simple — write about anything? To illuminate the point, I am listing here following three case examples of writing topics from three accomplished writers’ websites.

The two screenshots images from Miscelanea site posted below are maintained by Desirée García (accomplished designer, writer and editor) where in one post she writes about thick skin (left) and in another she writes about her random faces.

source: Miscelanea
source: Miscelanea

Leticia Portella, an accomplished programmer, suggests that you have a blog post — to write about career changes, interesting experiences and other topics.

Yet another writer whom I follow maintains a similar site as his reading, writing, designing and ranting. What Robin refers to as rants are well written his personal thoughts on miscellaneous subject to me.

Progress So Far!

Started as a casual writing site, I wrote 13 posts in one month on this site alone. I have maintained another experimental site for more than half-year where I have been writing a daily post. These two sites are my non-technical sites in addition to my other technical sites including this that I have maintained for several years.

Yeah, this appears to be a bit of work for a single person. However, with passion and some discipline I have been able to maintain this work habit for a while and enjoy it without feeling any pressure. I plan to continue this work-habit with more content creation and eventually professional technical writing.

Let’s not loose the focus from developing a habit of continuous content creation ! Simply, Just Keep Writing !!