Only in Minnesota


The other day while doing my morning routines my favorite radio host recounts “on air” her recent interaction with her brother. She recites that while she was updating news & weather the other day she said ‘today’s weather in Twin Cities will be 14 F and also commented ‘pretty nice‘.

Her brother, in other parts of Minnesota, whom she says have not seen for a while was listening her radio show, as he does every morning. When he heard his sister on the radio saying ‘To-day weather in Twin Cities will be 14 F and nice’ he thought to tease her sister. Later in the day he texted back to her saying “only in Minnesota“.

People like her & her family, and many others who are born & lived in Minnesota this 14 F weather in the month of February is ‘pretty nice’. Even for other who are living here in Minnesota for long and have made Minnesota their home, the February 14 F temperature (especially without wind chill) is ‘pretty dam nice‘.

Only in Minnesota!