Our “Before”


The New York Times has an very interesting article on peoples reflections on our “before” the Coronavirus pandemic life because their life has changed so much for many it its simply not possible and question whether they could even fit with “before” life style anymore.

The followings are a few randomly selected quotes from the article:

The coronavirus pandemic and all it has wrought is such a moment. Everyone knows someone who got sick or died or lost her job. Everyone has a personal “before” and “after.” It has been a collective near-death experience, for those lucky enough to survive.

Elizabeth Dias and Audra D. S. Burch, The New York Times

“I don’t think I can go back to a ‘before.’ I don’t think I fit into that life anymore.”

Mary Fugate, Punxsutawney, Pa.

“It has made me realize that I am no more than human, and that there is nothing I can think or do to change that, and that I must embrace that for whatever it means.”

Lucas Jakobi, Tustin, Calif.

“I applied to over 400 jobs in 2020 alone. It feels like there’s no way to catch up, let alone get ahead. I focus on enjoying the little things, because those are things I can control.” — Morgan Anderson, Palatine, Ill.

“The pandemic has forced me into the present. It’s the meditation I never wanted but have come to appreciate. That said, last week I kicked a hole in the bathroom door.” — Jessica Berta, Milwaukee

“I know I am becoming someone different.”

Joelle Wright-Terry, 47, a hospice chaplain from Clinton Township, Mich., is a Covid survivor. She lost her husband to the virus last April.

“I really feel like I learned a lot during the pandemic, but this new feeling has this real feeling of emptiness I’ve never felt before.”

Justin Parker, New York

These are a few randomly selected voices from the billions of people who also have similar experiences during this pandemic. We all have our own stories, feelings, emotions, loss and anxieties.

Efforts are being made to document such stories. Many new stories being born. A new history is being made.