Paying for School With Plastic Bottles



This Quartz article says that Morit International School in Lagos, Nigeria accepts student tuition fees in plastic bottles instead of cash.

“At Morit International School in Ajegunle, Lagos, one plastic bottle equals one naira, so parents bring a lot of plastic bottles to be weighed and sold, paying their children’s school fees in this unorthodox way.”

Academically, the school is very good for my daughter, who’s now in JSS 1. Financially, it removes my worries about having to provide education for her on a stringent budget. These days, the first thing I do when I see a plastic bottle that has been thrown away is to pick it up. I don’t even think twice, the only thing on my mind is collecting waste to take to school.

– Ijeoma Obiora, a parent (source: The Quartz)

Oriola Oluwaseyi, 32, who reportedly sends her daughter to the Merit School, told CNN, “My daughter’s proprietor introduced me to this program last year, and I subscribed to the initiative because I knew it was something … to relieve myself of the burden of spending money on the fees. The program has given me leverage to channel the funds I would have spent on school fees, to buying of school bag, new pair of sandals and books for her.”

The “bottles for School fees” initiative is part of a partnership with Africa Cleanup Initiative (ACI), an NGO with focus on sustainability, CNN reports. “Through a program called RecyclesPay, ACI collaborates with schools in low-income communities to allow parents who are unable to afford fees for their children to pay using plastic bottles they collect.”

Alexander Akhigbe, founder of ACI, told CNN that he is providing solutions to Nigeria’s environmental and climate issues through the RecyclePay program.

We are working on the deplorable state of the Nigerian environment and on the other hand improve education by using plastic bottles to substitute tuition fees so as to encourage parents to send their children to school and then save more money to fix other challenges at home.

– Alexander Akhigbe, Founder of ACI, told CNN

In the following YouTube video, Ajegunle talks more about the program.

Source: TV360 Nigeria

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