Phoenix: ‘Hell on Earth’


The 30 days of temperatures above 110F in Phoenix, Arizona said to have made living in the city like a hell.

Michael Shaw, a 49-year-old encampment resident, told The Guardian “It is hell on earth. I am pretty tough but these last few days are everything I can handle. Life on this block is filled with danger and violence and the lure of drugs to dull the pain is constant, only adding to the strain. I have been robbed and mugged. But the heat – it’s the killer.”

Michelle Litwin, the city’s heat response program manager, told the Guardian “Phoenix has always been hot, but this is something else”. The online news outlet add that a team of city workers and volunteers, including Litwin, set up a booth at a sprawling homeless encampment to hand out cold water bottles, hygiene kits and other resources that, for those living on the street, could potentially make the difference.

Jason Berry, a Maricopa County spokesman, told NBC News “While we typically see a surge in intakes in July, this year has been worse than prior years. Right now we’re between standard capacity and surge capacity, so we thought it would be prudent to bring in the refrigerated containers as a precaution.”

According to NBC News meteorologist Kathryn Prociv “Phoenix may get a break this upcoming Monday. We’ve been tracking their streak of days 110+ as the heatwave benchmark, but the forecast on Monday is to dip below that threshold which would snap their ongoing heatwave by current standards.”

AP News writes: Temperatures also were expected to ease in Las Vegas, Albuquerque and even in Death Valley, California, where the weather service said the expected high of 122 F (50 C) on Saturday is forecast to lower to 113 F (45 C) by Tuesday — along with a slight chance of rain.

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