Pocket App: Top Authors’ Stories



With 2022 coming to an end, it’s time to think about how we spent the year and learn from others their stories to inspire us for the year to come. The Pocket App, which is available via Firefox, is one of my favorite places to choose stories for my reading list.

The following are a few selected quotes taken from the Firefox pockets’ Top Authors Share Their Must Reads of 2022:

  • Allie Volpe wrote about That’s It. You’re Dead to Me by Kaitlyn Tiffany | The Atlantic: “My favorite stories are the ones that take a fairly common event or situation—in this case, the fairly recent rise of ‘toxicity’ as a social descriptor and the swift elimination of said people from one’s life—and provide analysis and context. Kaitlyn Tiffany has such a keen eye for of-the-moment social tendencies and I love reading her reporting on these trends, the way she weaves anecdotes with expert insight with ease.”
  • Big Tech’s Reckoning: “The End of Silicon Valley’s 20-Year Boom” by Timothy B. Lee | Slate. CO writes: “The chill in Silicon Valley right now has nothing to do with the weather. The mass layoffs across much of the tech sector this fall suggest that investors are finally demanding companies focus on profits over growth, a shift that will likely change the internet as we know it. As Timothy B. Lee concludes, ‘Software will have to eat something else’.”
  • Going Beyond Burnout: “What Comes After Ambition?” by Ann Friedman | Ellie. AM writes: “Is anyone sad to wave goodbye to the hustle culture that, as Jia Tolentino put it in 2017, ‘celebrates working yourself to death?’ This year, some of this generation’s most talented writers—Ann Friedman, Rachel Hislop, Beyoncé—examined the cultural shift away from the work-is-everything mentality. As Friedman writes, ‘the task isn’t letting go of ambition altogether. It’s relocating those ambitions beyond the traditional markers of money, title, and professional recognition.’”
  • The “End” Of the Pandemic?: “The Pandemic’s Legacy Is Already Clear” by Ed Young | Atlantic. Amy Maoz, Staff Recommendations Editor writes: “Pocket’s top story of 2020 was Ed Yong’s How the Pandemic Will End. Two years later, people are still waiting to find out. Here, Yong takes stock of the biggest lessons learned and ignored, ultimately noting that ‘in furiously racing to rebuild on this same foundation, America sets itself up to collapse once more.’”

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