Prompt Engineering is No. 1 AI Skills

According to a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT at the edX offices in Cambridge, for people interested in the field of artificial intelligence, Prompt Engineering is “the single most important AI skills you need to know. {…} How you ask for something [from a generative AI tool] is very critical.”

The article cites an example “provide a data analysis report” from some data, wherein the chatbot interprets the data in an unintended fashion resulting in a variety of numbers being sliced in different ways, and delivering an answer that isn’t helpful.

According to a tutorial from AI education startup DataCamp “As a data analyst, describe the process you would follow to analyze a dataset containing sales data for a retail store. Please include the steps to explore sales trends over time, identify top-selling products, and evaluate sales performance by region for the last quarter.”

Agrawal says “A well-trained engineer “can stop [AI] from hallucinating by providing constraints” creating more accurate and efficient results”

Prompt engineering and high paying jobs

According to Bloomberg, “full-time job openings can offer six-figure salaries, including one from Google-backed AI safety startup Anthropic that offers a salary range of up to $375,000 per year”. Some freelance prompt engineers reportedly charge up to $100 for five prompts.

Everyone needs to learn [prompt engineering], and you can learn the basics in two hours.

– Prof Agarwal

According to a recent edX survey, which included 16,00 full-time workers from 800 companies, found that “Eighty-seven percent of U.S. CEOs and C-suite executives say they’ve struggled to find new employees with the necessary AI skills to be competitive in the future”.

Prof. Agrawal points to online learning resources, such as “edX offers online training courses and certification programs that teach AI skills, including free prompt engineering courses like “Advanced ChatGPT” and a class for beginners offered in partnership with Davidson College”.