Coronavirus Watch

Respiratory Infections in Children

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, cases of respiratory enterovirus D68 are rising in the US, which may lead to “paralyzing condition acute flaccid myelitis”.

The CDC said quoting Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report “Health care facilities should be prepared for possible increases in pediatric health care use associated with severe EV-D68-associated respiratory illness. Past increases in EV-D68 circulation were also associated with increased reports of AFM.”

Quoting the CDC, CNN writes that the positive test results for rhinovirus/enterovirus appeared to be increasing at a rate comparable to that in past EV-D68 outbreak years, doubling in a period of a few weeks through early September.

“In 2014, a widespread EV-D68 outbreak in the United States caused similar increases in medically attended severe respiratory illnesses and asthma exacerbations and was associated with an increase in AFM cases,” the CDC report writes.

The CNN adds “Enterovirus D68 causes symptoms that mirror those of common colds, with cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and sometimes fever. It requires doctors to take extra steps to diagnose”.