Sauraha Tharu Culture Community Homestay


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During our short travel to Bharatpur, Chitwan, we had the opportunity to stay at Tharu Culture Community Homestay, where we were able to learn and experience the Tharu culture.

Guests at the Tharu Community Homestay have private thatched-roof cottages with attached bathrooms. In many ways, the homestay is more like a simple resort than a homestay! Although the rooms are relatively simple, you’ll enjoy all modern conveniences like running water, comfy beds, mosquito nets, ceiling fans, and Western-style toilets.

– Tharu Community Hosestay Network

Recently, tharu cultural museums and research centers have been established in many arts of the country, including Gorahi (Dand) and Sauraha (Chitwan). “The Tharu Culture Museum offers visitors a glimpse of Tharu culture and traditions they perform that are fast disappearing in the Tharu community. The museum harbors a mosaic of cultural traditions of the Tharu people during the three periods of their lifecycle – pre-marital, marital and post marital. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to view existentTharu community along the way to the museum, where the museum showcases culture and traditions as a replica,” reports easy Nepal.

Tharu Cultural House

During the evening, we visited Sauraha Tharu Cultural House, where the local tharu community performed an hour-long traditional dances with typical tharu dress and ornaments.

You can learn more about Tharu culture by visiting these Facebook pages, which offer live footage of certain dances.

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