Scorching Heat Waves Persist Around the Globe



As the official summer season began on June 20, exceptionally high temperatures and heatwaves have already made headlines. “Scorching heat across five continents set 1,400 records this week and showed how human-caused global warming has made catastrophic temperatures commonplace”, reports the Washington Post.

As I write this posts (June 22), here are the today’s headlines from major national news outlets in the US:

According to National Weather Service (NWS), they expect the high temperatures to be in the mid-to-upper 90s from the central and southern Plains to the East Coast.

These temperatures remain the most anomalous and dangerous for early summer over portions of the Midwest/Ohio Valley east to the Mid-Atlantic.

– National Weather Service (source: CBS News)

In contrast, different regions of the US are grappling with severe storms and unprecedented floods, impacting areas such as Texas and Minnesota.

Heat Stroke Kills Many People

There are reports of extreme heat caused heat strokes have caused many peoples’ death in India and Saudi Arabia.

The Conversation magazine reports that at least 900 Hajj pilgrims have been killed mostly due to heat exhaustion and related complications.

According to the BBC News, at least 20 individuals have died from heat-related illnesses in New Delhi. The city is said to be experiencing an extended heatwave, enduring temperatures above 40°C (104°F) since May, reaching nearly 50°C. High humidity and hot winds have worsen the situation, compounded by water and power shortages caused by increased demand. Tragically, media reports indicate at least 20 deaths from heat-related illnesses.

For more details about the current heatwaves and flooding issues related to storms, please refer to the links provided in this post.

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