Senior Citizen’s Allowance in Nepal


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Recently, this Government short of Rs25 billion to pay pensions story on the Kathmandu Post, caught my attention. Nepal is perhaps one of the few countries to provide seniors over 65 to receive senior citizen allowance, “The objectives of the Old Age Allowance (OAA) or Senior Citizen’s Allowance programme are social security allowances in Nepal (including the old-age pension, single woman’s pension, the child grant, disability grant, and endangered ethnicity grant) aim to assist groups considered socially and/or economically vulnerable”.

However, in my random casual conversation, I learned that this senior of economic groups are taking advantage of this allowance.

From the Rising Nepal:

The Constitution of Nepal, 2015 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have recognised the right of senior citizens as fundamental right. Old-age homes and day care centres are run by the government. However, their management is poor. Discounts on public transport fares and treatment are in operation. The Special National Action Plan, 2062 B.S. for senior citizens outlines the strategic areas of interventions and focused activities for their overall advantage while the Senior Citizen Act, 2062 B.S. and its Regulations ensure their socio-economic and other rights. Senior Citizen portfolio has also been added to the Women and Children Ministry for overall policy and implementation coordination for easing the lives of senior citizens. The Ministry is trying its best to ensure that the seniors are protected and respected in our society.

Additional information social security and pensions can be found in this pension system in Nepal.

According to the Kathmandu Posts, the Nepalese government reduced the pension allocation in the current year despite the growing pension burden.

According to the Pension Management Office, the pension liability increased from Rs37 billion in the fiscal 2016-17 to around Rs75 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23.

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