Short Post Writing Mania



Over the last few days, I’ve been on a post-writing mania journey, focusing on short posts for this site.

“Writing mania” refers to an intense and fervent state of focused writing activity. It implies a period during which someone is highly driven and dedicated to producing a significant volume of written content. This state often involves sustained effort, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, as the individual works passionately to achieve specific writing goals or deadlines.

– ChatGPT

During this duration, my goal was to jot down notes for this site throughout the day. Why? I wanted to have enough posts scheduled until mid-February while I was away on my planned travel. After returning, I can get back to my usual routine that I’ve been following for the past four years.

What is the reason for this sudden burst of writing activity? I learned my lesson from not writing during my previous travels. This time, I was determined to avoid the same mistake. Working while traveling isn’t my cup of tea, unlike some people who manage to stick to their routines on the road.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this process much; it was tiring. When I felt exhausted, I would take walks, even in the chilly January weather, and then I returned to writing more invigorated. Occasionally, I even wrote in the evenings too. Besides writing, I also had to browse, read and find interesting topics to write about.

Not every post I wrote during this marathon is fantastic; many are just there with quotes and text adopted verbatim. But I thought it was better to have filler archival posts than to have empty dates on my publishing calendar.

“Don’t think about whether or not people will like or read your articles — just give them a home and put them out there.”

– Sara Soueidan

Web Designer, on Just Write