Snow Shoveling and Strength Building



As weathermen had warned us, we got close to 15-inch of snow from Tuesday through Wednesday. On the first day, we got close to 6-inches of snow in 7 hours. Although it was predicted that at the beginning we would be getting wintry-mix, what we had around our neighborhood was just light floppy snow.

However, during the Tuesday night we appear to have gotten another 4.5-inches of heavy wintry-mix snow, making a total of 10.5-inches of snow by sunrise on Wednesday. The snow continued on and off throughout Wednesday into the Thursday morning.

According to Minnesota weather authorities, by Thursday morning, “Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport stands at 14.9 inches — making it the 14th-greatest snowfall on record in the Twin Cities. The snow total so far this winter at MSP now is 48.1 inches — nearly 28 inches above normal.”

At first, I shoved all the snow onto the side of the snow bank in the driveway, and then I had to gradually clear it off from the driveway to the side. Currently, our driveway snowbank has more than one-and-half feet of snow, including the one we had before Christmas.

A couple of days ago, I wrote in a brief note that physical strength is important to our physical health. To get ahead of myself, I started practicing my strength exercise by cleaning the snow with a shovel, instead of a snowblower. Well, it wasn’t easy, but I was able to remove all the snow by hand, except for a small section. On the part of the driveway entrance, my good neighbor kindly helped me to clear with his little bobcat machine.

Because the snow was so intense at the time I had to make frequent trips outside to clear the snow after about 1 or 2 inches of cover. During the process, I burned about 275 active calories on Tuesday, and the following two-days I burned above 700 active calories. Snow shoveling makes really exhausted.

Because there is so much snow on the deck and around the garage, it will take me a few more days to shovel out all the snow. It appears to be a gradual process, little by little, every day.

Well, this was probably not a bad beginning of the year for my strength-building effort!

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