Snow Shoveling Cost to Cities


In colder areas where snow falls every winter, it is the owner’s responsibility to clear snow from adjacent streets in the neighborhood. In many cases, when there is regular snowfall, it does not make the headlines. However, we are getting snow as we did last week, and snow clearing is a major problem. This creates a headline just like this in the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune article, the past week’s 15.1-inch of snow fall created problems in some neighborhood side streets, including Minneapolis. Some sidewalks were reportedly left shoveled the past week, especially to those residents who are elderly and had some mobility issues.

Answering Minneapolis City Mayor, Jacob Fry quoted saying, “To have the convenience of additional city service is something I believe is broadly supported — in a vacuum. The issue is cost and practicability, and those are not issues that should be dismissed.”

According to the Tribune, “the annual cost for the city to clear sidewalks would approach either 6-million or 20-million.”

The Tribune writes “Advocates aren’t fans of that because there are, on average, about 18 to 20 lesser snow events that can still pile up on sidewalks, and experience from some cities that have similar programs suggests that some residents tend to get out of the habit of shoveling, figuring they’ll put it off and let the city clear it after the next big snow.”