Social Distance & Its Messaging



Day 51 – Stay Home Order to End

Social Distancing appears to be loosing its intended purposes. Some business are lobbying that this will even wipeout teir businesses.

Most states including Minnesota are starting to re-open non-essential businesses & other venues with some restrictions. such restrictions have has plummeted state revenue by 88% in the weeks since COVID-19 took hold in Minnesota when Gov. Tim Walz order to close the state’s dining rooms in mid-March. Liz Rammer, chief executive of Hospitality Minnesota told to the Star Tribune: “it’s extremely disturbing to see these businesses and hospitality jobs hanging in the balance. As time ticks on, it gets worse. Lately we’re losing about one restaurant a day in the metro”.

The Star Tribune reports that “many of those working in this vital segment are saying that their industry is in big trouble and may never recover. Hospitality Minnesota — a trade group representing 2,000 restaurants, hotels, resorts, campgrounds and outfitters — expects more than 50% of those businesses to close by July, according to a survey of 300 of its members.”

This trends appears to be nationwide. According to the CNN reporting, even with relaxed restrictions, some businesses like restaurants in Georgia are still shut down because “they can’t make a profit with social distancing rules in place“.

If you talk to restaurants across the globe, the language might change, but the math is the same. Restaurants and bars need volume and traffic to make them work.

Ryan Pernice, Restaurant Owner (source: CNN Business)

Bars & pubs are reported to be even worse. A bar owner in Hong Kong Gagan Gurung talking to CNN Business said, social distancing is not feasible for businesses in the long run.

Cutting its usual seating capacity of 30 in half is simply not feasible in the long run. How do you survive only having 15 people at 1.5 meters distancing? It’s not healthy for our business for sure.

Gagan Gurung, owner of Hong Kong’s Tell Camellia (source: CNN Business)

Pandemic Becomes Partisan

It’s reported that the ‘debate over the coronavirus pandemic response in the U.S. is becoming increasingly nasty – and, in some cases, violent‘. “It’s not just the clusters of gun-toting protesters at state capitols. In sporadic incidents across the country, disputes over emergency measures have turned into shootings, fistfights and beatings. Stories abound of intimidation over masking. And armed right-wing groups have threatened contact tracers and people who they say ‘snitch’ on neighbors and businesses violating health orders.” writes the MPR News.

Social Distancing Messaging

“A recent survey says many U.S. states are doing a poor job of social distancing. Millions of individual Americans are not following the distancing guidelines designed to contain the coronavirus. Either they do not get the message, are becoming less vigilant, or they reject the guidance outright” writes a marketing professor at the Duke University in The Hill OpEd.

Yet, social distancing practices remain critical now, as many states take steps to begin reopening their economies, creating more opportunities for contact. Without distancing practices, health experts say, we risk a second major wave of infections.

Gavan J. Fitzsimons, Prof of Marketing (Source: The hill)

Prof Fitzsimons suggests using wording such as “keep your distance, keep ‘em covered, keep it open — It’s on you” can be more effective to engage in the recommended behaviors.

Coronavirus Pandemic Watch

According to the MDH latest tally (as of May 16, 11 a.m.) the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are 14,969 (out of 143,281 tested) with 700 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins database (as of May 16, 6:30 a.m.) there are 1,443,397 confirmed covid19 infection with 87,568 deaths. Globally the covid19 virus has infected 4,563,458 with 308,165 deaths.