Some thoughts on ANMN Website



Note: The post was written on Nov 16, 2019 and was shared with a website-related ANMN contact person for discussion purposes.

A bit about myself

Let me briefly wear Trumpian hat and talk about myself in Trumpian style – to help you learn about my content creation & other skills and decide suitability of my role with ANMN.

  • I considered myself socially-shy person and avoid public lime light. That is one of the reasons you don’t see me in most social gatherings. Before, I used to participate in some selected social events but lately when I became busy running a family business (all alone) that consumed all my time, including my socialization.
  • I also consider myself as an introvert, opinionated and usually have very strong opinions.
  • While I was running my small family business on my own, it provided me an opportunity to explore different options other than academics and accidentally discovered my hidden passion (eg. technology learning).
  • On technology, I am a self-taught (not by training) technology enthusiast, open-source supporter & believer in life-long learning.
  • For the past several years I have been learning-in-public, all on my own through tutorial posts, guides & trial and error personal projects.
  • All my learning are documented as search & comments disabled personal blog posts in various sites.

Why I am Approaching ?

The following TWO scenarios & a recent involvement of our daughter to ANMN prompted me to approach your team for my volunteering opportunities, if desired. Before going further, let me make clear that:

  • I am NOT seeking any official position at ANMN and would like to work strictly on a volunteer capacity, behind the scene, to help your assigned team members advance its objective (eg. content creation & presentation).
  • I strongly believe in making difference than name recognition and attracting lime-light.

Now let me allow to express my personal opinion, with no offense and no disrespect to ANMN team members & community members contribution. These opinions are strictly my personal and some of you may find them too opinionated.

My Thoughts on ANMN Website?

First of all let me recognize the fact that ANMN is run by Tech-Savy professionals. The ANMN site merely serves as one of the mediums of communicating your (ANMN) messages. What to communicate, how to communicate (eg. social media, websites, or other print materials), target audience etc, is your organization decision.

However browsing your current ANMN site, it appears to me that it is a flyer site with bunch of legal stuffs. Just looking from outside, I couldn’t figure out what is its intended purpose? Who are its target audiences? Without knowing what is the objective of this site, I couldn’t comment more!

What I Would Have Liked to Do?

Recognizing that what to communicate & how to communicate is your board’s decision and I don’t enjoy that freedom to do what I would have liked to do. But if had got that freedom, here is what I would have liked to do?

  • First, I would focus on increasing visitor traffic to the site. I hope to achieve this goal by making this site less formal and regularly posting contents useful to broader community members (explain below).
  • I would advocate to the board to make the website as a primary medium of communication. My primary focus would be to provide basic answers to the following two hypothetical scenarios?

Scenario ONE: Lets take my own personal experience here. I am socially shy & participate rarely in social events but curious to learn about ANMN activities, it progress. Where do I get these information from?

Scenario TWO: Lets say an out of state new-comer arrives here for study or settlement. Upon arrival, he was invited by his friends to attend a forthcoming ANMN social event? He is curious to learn more about ANMN, its past activities, past leadership etc. He visits its website but does not get much! He gets frustrated, where can he or a visitor (from Nepal or elsewhere) browse the site to get reliable information about ANMN & its history, its achievements, etc.?

What Type of Content?

In my opinion, we all browse several site everyday searching several things and if we revisit a site if we find what we are looking for, otherwise not. Its same for all our target audience too. If we put relevant content, visitor will revisit the ANMN site. Content types could be determined by brief survey, through personal contacts, discussion forum etc. and constantly adjusting it to meet user expectations. Some of the content categories come to my mind include:

  • Member recognition: Many of our community members have achieved success in their profession (eg. academics, business, in corporate ladder, freelancer etc). Most of us are interested to learn about such news. In my opinion, as a community we should recognize & celebrate such inspiring success stories. For all of us, it could be both inspirational & pride. This could be done on annual basis representing all sectors.
  • Educational Topics: We all use various form of technology in our day to day life. But there are lot of issues that many of us don’t know. New issues (eg. data safety, informed use of products, etc) are discovered constantly. For example, yesterday I learned about iPhone Privacy Settings for Interest-based Ads which I was not aware of! There could be numerous other educational issues that we all are interested.
  • Sharing Newsworthy: If some community members have newsworthy activities, that could be highlighted and shared with broader community. An example – posts like recently started WordPress News series & HeroPress profiles, etc. There could be many such newsworthy content that could be shared with community members.

Well, these are SOME of my initial thoughts – which can be expanded or modified based on comments. I probably can help create these type of contents & their presentation in ANMN website.