Stay Safe Order Begins To-day



Day 53- Stay Safe Minnesota

Today Gov Tim Walz’s new ‘Stay Safe MN’ advisory took effect. On the first day of re-opening shops reportedly had mixed traffic.

To-day Gov Tim Walz’s newly order ‘Stay Safe Minnesota‘ took effect allowing most retails and other non-essential businesses to re-open at 50% capacity. It was a welcome news to everybody. Our local news outlets headlines read retail stores in Minnesota cautiously open with mixed foot traffic on first day Minnesota shops can reopen. According the Star Tribune, a small crowd waited for doors to open at 11 a.m. at Rosedale Mall.

An occasional announcement reminded shoppers to maintain social distance, cover coughs and use hand sanitizer or wash their hands. Drinking fountains and common seating areas were taped off. Most employees were in face masks, with more than half of shoppers wearing them, too.

From The Star Tribune

Face Masks Required

“Some small shops such as Barely Brothers Records in St. Paul are requiring customers to wear face masks in order to enter; Costco and Menards also require masks” writes the Tribune.

We have to be on the forefront showing people that we’re concerned with their welfare. I want them to know that we’re very, very serious about the virus, and we’re going to do everything we can to keep it from spreading

Jack Stone, Business Owner (source: MPR News)

Chamber of business president Doug Loon is quoted saying “It’s in the interest of all businesses to do this in a smart, safe way so they can reassure workers and customers that engaging in their business, frequenting their business, is a safe thing to do and will help get our economy, both at the local, state and federal level, on track.”

“Although most retail stores in Minnesota are now allowed to reopen if they have a plan in place to keep customers and staff safe, other establishments like bars, restaurants and salons won’t be able to open until at least June 1.”

Stay Safe Minnesota Advisory
  • Wash your hands often
  • Get tested when sick
  • Maintain social distance
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay home when able
Coronavirus Pandemic Watch

According to the MDH latest tally (as of May 18, 11 a.m.) the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are 16,372 (out of 156,606 tested) with 731 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins database (as of May 18, 6:30 a.m.) there are 1,486,742 confirmed covid19 infection with 89,564 deaths. Globally the covid19 virus has infected 4,730,968 with 315,488 deaths.