In the Atlantic, staff writer Amanda Mull dubs the popular American casual wear as the “most hated garment”. Some fashion critic call the “snug-fit tracksuits, which paired low-slung bottoms with shrunken hoodies that exposed a few inches of naked torso, ‘soft-porn sweats‘ writes Mull.

In the GQ magazine, Rachel Tashjian writes that seats pants have taken the place of jeans in the American socity.

We Are Living In the Age of Sweatpants and Never Going Back. It’s been a long time coming, but now we’re here: sweatpants have taken the place of jeans in the great American pants story.

– Rachel Tashjian on GQ

Rachel writes, “the coronavirus pandemic, you see, has brought an abrupt end to an American denim dream that has been dwindling for the past decade. Where we once dreamed of conquering the frontier in jeans, we now fantasize about leisure—about not working—and we conjure that fantasy in sweatpants.”

In the Refinery29, Eliza Huber writes that sweatpants sales increased by 85% spike during the pandemics.

In News That Will Shock No One, Sweatpants See An 85% Spike.

– Eliza Huber on Rifinery29

In The Guardian Lifestyle, Kelli María Korducki writes that though sweatpants were very popular during the pandemic year 2020, many even predicting that even after economy reopened many would return to it in sweatpants.

“[T]he sweatpant has supplanted the blue jean in the pants-wearing American imagination,” declared GQ last April. The New York Times Magazine followed suit a few months later with an Entireworld name-check in its August 2020 cover story, headlined “Sweatpants Forever”.

– Kelli María Korducki on The Guardian

However, sweatpants are returned to only supporting role, writes Kelli. However, for yours truly who works from home, sweatpants are still remains my most preferred garment of any day, except going out to grocery stores.

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