Texas Endures From Heat Dome



Millions of Americans living in Tax and other southern states are suffering from notorious heat waves reaching 115F called “heat dome”. USA Today reports “This cauldron of misery is courtesy of a sprawling heat dome that has parked itself over portions of Texas and Mexico this month, sending temperatures skyrocketing.”

William Gallus, professor of atmospheric science at Iowa State University, told USA Today “a heat dome occurs when a persistent region of high pressure traps heat over an area”.

The heat dome can stretch over several states and linger for days to weeks, leaving the people, crops and animals below to suffer through stagnant, hot air that can feel like an oven.

– Prof. Gallus on The Conversation

Quoting another meteorologist Jeff Berardelli’s recent Tweet, USA Today writes, heat domes “likely enhanced by climate heating, is fueling a record heat dome so extreme that even experts are astonished”.

Screenshot source: USA Today

In The Conversation article, an atmospheric scientist explains the heat dome and the weather phenomenon that is baking Texas and other southern states.

CNN reports that the current heat waves in Texas and other southern states can be deadly, as they have happened before in similar circumstances.

Europe, 2003: Among the deadliest heat waves in history, an estimated 30,000 casualties were recorded amid scorching conditions in July and August. Temperatures hit as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with warmth overnight as well. France, which normally has temperatures in the 80s at that time of year, was in the 90s and triple digits for the first three weeks of August.

India, 2015: More than 2,000 people died over several weeks as temperatures soared to a shocking 118 degrees in some places. It was so hot in Delhi, roads began to melt.

Chicago, 1995: More than 700 people died in the metro area as a heat dome settled over the Midwest. Temperatures topped 100 degrees but felt closer to 125 because of the heat index. Many died because overnight temperatures stayed warm, so bodies couldn’t recover from daytime heat.

According to CNN “Shanghai recorded its highest May temperature in more than 100 years on May 29. Likewise, in Vietnam’s northern district of Tuong Duong, the heat on May 6 reached around 111.6 degrees – the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. On the same day, Thailand saw the hottest ever temperature recorded in Bangkok: 105.8 degrees.”