The Troubles


In the Hill, Niall Stanage ( a White House Columnist) who was born in Belfast, writes that he observes ‘Belfast’s Troubles echoing in today’s Washington’.

The Troubles, also known internationally as the Northern Ireland conflict, is described as “an ethno-nationalist period of conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted about 30 years from the late 1960s to the late 1990s”.

In Neil Stanage‘s opinion ‘America is edging toward the same kind of ongoing catastrophe’.

Violence roiling a society. Soldiers on the streets. Lawmakers in fear that their colleagues will conspire to harm them. The insurrectionary violence of Jan. 6 ripped away an assurance that many Americans felt — that such strife occurs in other places, not here.

Nial Stanage in the Hill

Stanage observes huge and ominous similarities between the two events:

  • The biggest is a grim equation that holds true everywhere — incendiary words lead to incendiary deeds.
  • Just like Pres Trump and other leaders here in US, Rev. Ian Paisley was a fundamentalist Protestant preacher and an ambitious politician in Northern Ireland.
  • Rev. Paisely’s repeated claims were: the majority Protestant population of Northern Ireland was being undercut by a subversive minority; the “plain people” were being sold out by a traitorous establishment elite; and he alone could save them.

“But in his willingness to stoke tensions, to encourage paranoia and grievance, the comparisons with President Trump are striking” writes Stanage.