The World is Drowning in Plastic



A recent ProPublica article deep dives into our overreliance on cheap plastic and its global impact. The article emphasizes the issue of plastic pollution, highlighting that we produce over 430 million metric tons of plastic annually, which poses a significant environmental challenge.

The plastic industry promotes the use of advanced recycling methods, such as pyrolysis— “pyro” means fire and “lysis” means separation. This method uses heat to break down plastic into its molecular building blocks. However, it only reduces 15-20% of plastics, with the remainder being turned into fuel and chemicals, heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

According to the article, a substantial proportion of the recycled plastic claimed by the industry actually contains recycled contents. Chemical recycling appears more as a marketing strategy than a viable solution, as it masks the need to reduce plastic production.

The article emphasizes that effective tackling of the plastic crisis requires global efforts to prioritize reducing the creation of new plastic and improving waste management practices.

For a deeper dive into this topic, you can read the full article “The world is drowning in plastic” on ProPublica.