The Year A.I. Ate the Internet

In a 2023 in review article The New Yorker magazine writes “Call 2023 the year many of us learned to communicate, create, cheat, and collaborate with robots“.

The commercial development of generative A.I. is likely to continue unabated. A.I. will influence an increasing number of complex activities, such as radiology, drug discovery, psychotherapy, hiring, and college admissions. Companies will build it into the next generation of hardware. Samsung, for example, is likely to incorporate generative A.I. into its forthcoming flagship phones, which it will unveil in January. Sam Altman, the OpenAI co-founder who recently boomeranged out of—and then back into—the role of C.E.O., has reportedly been collaborating with Jony Ive, the famed Apple designer, to create “the iPhone of artificial intelligence.” We may look back on 2023 with a kind of nostalgia, for a time when intelligence had not yet become a product.

– The New Yorker