Tracking Chip Requirement for Mt. Everest Climbers


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CNN reports that the Government of Nepal is requiring all Mt. Everest climbers to wear tracking chips starting in 2024. This is said to help authorities to find and timely rescue anyone who is missing during the climb. The chip is said to have been made in Europe and cost around $10-15. It can be sewn into climbers jackets and the device is said to use GPS (Global Positioning System) to track climbers’ location via satellites.

Rakesh Gurung, the director of Nepal’s department of the tourism, told CNN “It will cut down search and rescue time in the event of an accident. Reputed companies were already using them, but now it’s been mandatory for all climbers.”

According to CNN, the cost of climbing Mt. Everest is around $35,000, of which $11,000 is for a climbing permit and the rest for renting gears, food, oxygen, Sherpa guides, etc. Eight of the World’s peaks are located in Nepal, and the country generates significant revenue from mountaineering tourism.

Though the best window for climbing Mt. Everest is very small, Nepal issued 478 climbing permits in 2023, thus generating a huge revenue.