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Today, we arrived home from nine-weeks of travel from Nepal and India, where we visited family and in laws, and took religious pilgrimage trips to India.

During the last year’s Nepal visit, we took Emirates Airlines Middle East route via Dubai. This time, our journey home from Nepal took us on an unforgettable route across the Pacific Ocean, thanks to Korean and Delta Air Lines. We left Kathmandu and started our journey with Korean Air, transitioned through Incheon/ Seoul International airport, which is also one of the World’s busiest and largest airports.

Korean Air flight path from Kathmandu to Seoul Incheon International Airport

Incheon/Seoul International Airport

As of 2021, the airport has been rated by Skytrax as one of the cleanest and fourth-best international transit airports in the world.

Seoul Incheon International Airport is a super modern airport in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. This airport, renowned as one of the world’s largest and busiest, greeted us with its impeccable cleanliness and top-notch facilities. Here’s what makes it great for travelers:

  • Superb architecture: The architecture is absolutely stunning, with lots of glass and shiny surfaces. It’ feels like you are entering into the future!
  • Spotlessly clean: You won’t find any mess here. They keep it super clean, so you can relax and feel comfortable.
  • Loads of stuff to do: Whether you want to grab some food, shop for souvenirs, or just chill out in a comfy lounge, they’ve got you covered. They even have room for smokers, nursing mothers.
  • Extra amenities: Need a massage? Want to freshen up in a shower? Incheon Airport offers multitude of additional amenities to enhance the enjoyment of your journey.

Even though we had a long layover, we found ourselves having interesting conversations with other fellow travelers, including a few intriguing encounters with other Nepalese travellers. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, making time fly by in the vibrant atmosphere of the airport.

Seoul to Minneapolis by Delta

From Seoul, we boarded on a Delta Air Lines flight to Minneapolis. It was a long flight, lasting aprox. 12 hours, but we were excited to return home. We took off at 7:25 pm local time and landed in Minneapolis at 5:25 pm local time. The flight itself pleasant and smooth, with Delta’s renowned hospitality made the flight a pleasant one for all passengers.

Flight route map from the Seoul Incheon International Airport to St.Paul Minneapolis

Finally, as we touched down at Minneapolis airport at 5:25 pm local time, we couldn’t help but reflect on the remarkable experiences and memories that had unfolded along the way. At the same time, we were excited to being back home after a long overseas trip and get back to our daily routines.

Minneapolis Greeted Us with Snow Storm

When we arrived at the St. Paul/Minneapolis International airport,, we were greeted by chilly and snowy weather of 34F (1.1 Celsius), which was a stark contrast to Nepal’s 70F (21.1 Celsius) or higher temperature. This week, we will be cold and snowy with temperatures, around 44F (4.4 Celsius). Regardless, there is nothing better than being in your own home!

Spring snow storm at the Twin Cities

Looking back, our trip wasn’t just about getting from one place to another. It provided an opportunity to meet new individuals, gain insights into diverse culture of Nepal and India, and create lasting memories that will endure for a life time. Our journey was full of surprises, from busy streets in Kathmandu and temple-rich town of Vindravana, Mathura to the serene skies above the Pacific Ocean and the impeccable modernity of Seoul Inchean airport. We were grateful for the incredible experiences that this travel brought us back home.

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