US Markets Spiral on Coronavirus Fear



Day 100 of Daily Notes

Yesterday (March 9) US stock market suffered the biggest losses since 2008 with Dow plunge of more than 2,000 points as bear market nears as investors fear global economic threat of Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the CNN Business report the Dow closed down 2,014 points (a 7.8% loss) a worst day since 2008. During 2008, Dow had fallen 733 points or 7.9% loss.

Investors are also growing increasingly worried that policymakers have not yet done enough to protect the global economy from the a likely downturn driven by the rising confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Hill

60-years & Older

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has advised Americans over 60 should ‘stock up’ on supplies, avoid crowds.

As the trajectory of the outbreak continues, many people in the U.S. will at some point in time this year or next be exposed to this virus, and there’s a good chance many will become sick. The reason to stock up now is to kind of stick close to home.

Nancy Messonnier, Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases in The Hill

The Minnesota Department of Health coronarirus tally shows 2 confirmed cases (as of Mar 9). Its reported that people under 60 infected with COVID-19 could recover from the virus infection if they have no major health problems but still recommended to work with providers and public health authorities to determine when they are no longer contagious.

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