Vegetarian Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is almost exclusively marketed with “turkeys” but it looks like that there is Vegetarian Thanksgiving too for vegetarians. The JSTOR Daily quotes from Gary Abramowitz, a chef who had been a vegetarian since 1970 “Obviously at Thanksgiving the vegetarian suffers, you ate mashed potatoes and turnips and called it a day.”

He reportedly devised an alternative to turkey with block of bean curd into the shape of a turkey by marinating and roasting into an alternative holiday protein. “I realized I had these very large pieces of tofu I could do with what I wanted. In 1990 I made one for myself. The next year, I made some for friends and a few favorite stores. Then in 1992, I began to market them. It’s very low key, no advertising, just letting the stores know they’re available. Then the Wall Street Journal did an article[…] the day before Thanksgiving and the crowd went crazy. We had calls from Israel, Moscow.”

The Jstor Daily writes “The Unity group embraced vegetarian diets because they viewed meat as impure food, which required the body to purify itself to restore its original spiritual and eternal equilibrium. More than 100 years later, scientists are warning that meat-heavy diets are indeed detrimental to human health, and recent research touts many health and environmental benefits of plant-based diets over meat-centric ones. With the recent UN report suggesting switching from heavy meat consumption to a balanced diet with more plant-based foods, such as grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, Unity’s century-old holiday recipes perfectly fit the specs.”