Walking For Perspective


In this Teacher magazine aricle, Amanda Alcock, an Assistant Principal in a Sydney primary school, writes about her living an “active lifestyle through sport and fitness”. This is a very personal story of a determined woman who was a soccer player and was a runner at her younger age.

It’s very inspiring to read how she gave her daily morning walks routine into a broader perspective to her life, like family, mortality, personal relationships, travel plans, finances and career goals. She writes that her morning walks were thinking time, which provided her physical and mental strength.

Walking is more than getting from one place to another. It has helped me gain perspective, focus and gratitude. It will always be an important part of my life.

– Amanda Alcock on Teachers magazine

She adds that she discovered the following benefits in her day-to-day routine:

  • Plan for the day ahead and prioritize the tasks that needed to be done.
  • My listening to music or podcasts that were motivational or intellectually stimulating.
  • Walking became an integral part of her life and helped my mental well-being.

She writes that she plans to do more strenuous exercise from my home gym into her regime, but do new hikes, as well.

Like Amanda, my healthy and active lifestyle motto, which I have been practicing for several years, has been an important daily priority for me, as well. Over the years, I too have experience similar benefits of daily activity routine.