Welcoming Year 2022


The year 2021 was all about Covid pandemic, which made many of us feel out of oxygen and disturbing our daily way of life for another year.

We are welcoming year 2022 under the cloud of persistent Coronavirus pandemic and sub zeroes arctic chill ranging minus 35 to minus 45 degrees range in parts of western Minnesota. Here in Twin Cities, the early morning, welcoming temperatures were minus 10 and with minus 26 wind chill. According to Star Tribune, many new year eve events were cancelled in the Twin Cities.

Highly transmissible Omicron variant reportedly muted many new year eve events, but people are reportedly optimistic around the world, according to the Associated Press.

Good riddance to 2021. Let 2022 bring fresh hope. That was a common sentiment as people around the world began welcoming in the new year.

– The Associated Press News

There are no signs that the pandemic is going to over soon, reports the Star Tribune quoting state health officials.

We were thinking maybe we were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then delta came and it was just a punch in the gut. Delta truly changed everything.

– Rich Danila, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Minnesota Department of Health

When Associated Press asked a Leahmer Singson, a 17-year-old mother in the Philippines, who reportedly lost every thing due to typhoon told that she had simply wished “I hope we won’t get sick”.

I think that captures well many of our sentiments on this day, too. “We hope we don’t get sick, as well“.


In my 2020-Year end post, I made a long list of peoples, events and things that we are grateful for during the pandemic period. On a personal level, I also listed (a) Family, food and health, (b) open source contributors, (c) Friend and neighbors, and (artists, singers). The same lists hold true today, too.

I would like to add a few other items on the list – including essential things around us (water, electricity, etc.) that we here take for granted, but if one of them is missing even for a few hours (e.g. water), then we realize how important they are.

Finally, I am grateful for this wonderful country, which I called home. In this twitter thread, Amjad Massad list 10 exceptional things this country offers, which I couldn’t agree more.

In Closing

In addition to my last year’s call from Prof Brooks, I would like to add this list of wishes from Sanjay Gupta of CNN for the year 2022.