Where Had I Been During Past Years?

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Where Had I been all these years? This is a good question. Let me try to sum up in one sentence – taking care of important matters for myself & my-family. In the meantime, I have been really working hard to learn coding. Yes, coding!

Coming Out of Hibernation

I am slowly starting to come out from my self-imposed hibernation. I still have some unfinished works, commitments & obligations. Once I finish taking care of these unfinished matters hopefully within a year or so, then I plan to get back to my more normal activities & re-join my social circles.

I appreciate some of you reaching out to me, either directly or through family members or through friends, to check how I was doing. Many of you may have already given up on me and almost forgotten. Even with a few calls/visits or in query through family or friends during my hibernation didn’t go un-noticed. It was very much appreciated!

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Discovery of My New Passion

One of the most important rewards of this stressful period was the accidental discovery of my hidden passion – WordPress CMS. About couple of years before when I was accidentally introduced to WordPress, I fell in love with it after using it for couple of months. Since then, WordPress is what I have been doing on a daily basis. It has become my unvarying companion and inspiring me to learn, write and think about it all the time. Some of my learning by doing projects and portfolio will be available soon in Tinjure WP site. I spent most days learning codes, exploring snippets and applying in my own projects. Most importantly, WordPress keeps me focused on my projects and troubleshooting problems that I come across on daily basis improves my skill. I am loving my WordPress exploration journey and I have great plans for the next several years!

2017 – A Year of Transition

I would start slowly transitioning my current small retail business to WordPress based business in coming years. I have not completely visualized my new business model yet and take its shape on a trial & error basis. It will take some time to materialize my vision fully and yes, I will have to keep working very hard every day until it materializes.

More until Year 2018 …..