Why I Missed My Daily Notes

Since November 2019, I had been writing Short Note Posts daily until last month June 12. However, I was forced to break my pledge to write daily because of unavoidable circumstances that was beyond my control. Now I am back to my daily writing and hope to continue this tradition as planned.

During this break, I had an opportunity to take a stock of my effort, which I am happy to continue writing as before. However, I plan to do few tweaks in coming weeks, some thoughts are as follows:

  • I plan to use my work-in-progress block theme for this site too very shortly. Currently the site is powered by child theme of Twenty Twenty.
  • May be I also consolidate contents with my other “Just Write” site as well; first in local test environment and then to live site later.
  • Retire Coronavirus-19 Vaccination Watch foot note as the state of Minnesota and the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have been posting updates less frequently as the virus subsides through out the country.