Writing Daily


Writing is not easy! That is why we do not see that many good writers. Writer Lev Grossmann‘s favorite advice to aspiring authors is “Write write write. Writing is a craft not a gift. You have to practice.

Writing communication is as important as oral communication. In any profession including technical fields, writing is an essential skill sought after.

Writing Endeavor

I  started an experimental writing project during the 2019 advent calendar, to force myself to write something every day. I didn’t write long articles but short note posts to create a habit of writing. Though a little stressful, the experimental project was fun and I enjoyed it.

I decided to continue the project and have been writing short notes posts daily for more than 6-months already.


I made several attempts to start writing before but it never materialized. My inspiration to write comes from Just Write by Sara Soueidan, Learning to learn by Sarah Drasner, writing blog post every day by Flavio Copes and many others.

If you write about your passion, you will never lose enthusiasm because you are creating a little corner of the internet that’s yours, you made it, you made it beautiful, and now it’s also available for everyone else, but even if no one shows up, it stands on its own. .. And when people will discover that they find your work absolutely great, then it will be a never ending source of joy every day.

Flavio Copes, Italian Software Engineer

Let’s see how my writing project develops going forward. I plan to make an effort to write something as often as possible! A longer term goal is to write long entries, though it might take a while.

But for now, let’s get into the habit of writing something first!