Xmas Eve Blizzard


We had a Christmas eve blizzard yesterday (Dec 23) closing roads, stranding drivers with 70mph winds and whiteout conditions. “Minneapolis and St. Paul declared snow emergencies. Nearly 300 flights at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) were canceled, with dozens delayed. Metro Transit reported numerous bus delays,” Star Tribune reports.

“By Thursday morning, the weather turned to sub-zero wind chills with reading between -20 and -35 for the Twin Cities and central Minnesota.”

This was the second major storm of year 2020, the first being in Oct 20 when the Twin Cities got 7.9 inches of snow, according to Bill Borghoff of the National Weather Service. “But this storm is definitely worse, in terms of wind and impact. All the roads are closed in western Minnesota. And we are going to have several more hours of this, predicting up to 10 inches once the storm has passed.”

After the Oct 20 snow storm, weather in Twin Cities was dry and temperatures were above normal with no snow on the ground. Many Minnesotans wishing for a “white” Xmas got their wish finally!

Maybe people were wishing a little too hard for a white Christmas. Those winds weren’t fun for anybody.

Eric Ahasic, meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Chanhassen (source: Star Tribune)

Winter storm delivered white Christmas with 7 and 9 inches of snow to the Twin Cities metro area and bitter cold with subzero temperatures and windchills of as low as -25 degrees, Star Tribune reports.