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Year 2019 Looking Back

The year 2019 was a year of major change. After owning and operating a small family business for little more than decade, I decided to quit and began an another endeavor – working from home. This was a big change for my mental state to grasp because all my adult life I have worked regular office hours job.

The hardest part for couple of months was getting used to this much free time and getting into my productive side of it. When I suddenly had this much free time I got easily distracted to non-productive stuffs and felt that I had no rush to complete the tasks at hand.

But lately, I am beginning to comeback to my regular working schedules and getting more things done. But I still have a lot of catching up to do in year 2020.


As a family, we have been vivid gardeners for many years but personally I was less involved. My busy working schedule with long work hours did not allow me to participate. This year, I got more involved in vegetable gardening and we had a great harvest. It was fun activity which I plan to continue next year too.

Learning in Public

For the past several years, I have been self-learning JavaScript, WordPress, ReactJs & GatsbyJs. Here is 2019 year-end look back review of my learning in public.


I had set goals to read couple of books but I could complete only two this year. In year 2020, I plan to read more books.


This was one my goals of 2019. As I began this endeavor, I realized that it was not easy to get rid off all the stuffs that we have accumulated over the past 25 years. It’s going with rather slow pace but good thing is that there is some progress.

The digital de-cluttering has also began but because there is so much stuffs stored on disks, CDs and hard disks – it would even take longer than our physical stuffs.


I was most inspired by Seth Godin’s Say Something post and started my own, first as an experimental Advent Notes series and later decide to continue in year 2020.

The other event that got me influenced was these two posts: It’s Time to Get Personal by Laura Kalbag  and Gift Giving to the World (Wide Web) by Frances Berriman. Following up on Laura & Frances call, I took a small step this holiday season to gift domains & hosting personal sites to two of my close friends. I have also initiated project to inspire, mentor & help to create personal websites to local community.

Prioritizing Health & Fitness

While working long hours & seven days a week with lot of learning goals, taking care of my personal health & fitness got less priority. Although I had been following healthy food habits with some daily stretching routine, I realized that without physical activities our body does not function normally.

Recently I have began prioritizing on my person health & fitness. The daily routine that I have develop over the past six-months, would continue through out the year 2020.

Goals for Year 2020

  • Decluttering: To de-clutter of personal and digital stuffs would be continued this year too.
  • Health & Fitness: My goal is to continue involving myself in gardening & other outdoors activities, as much as possible. Wellness, health & fitness is unarguably going to get high priorities going forward in 2020.
  • Gardening: We plan to continue vegetable gardening to support our healthy life style & get our much needed physical activities too.
  • Community: Reminded by this eloquent quote “No man is Island” from a seventeenth-century English poet & clergyman Jon Donne, its time to start thinking about giving back to the community. As part of my community give back project, I plan to inspire my colleagues & others to help them create personal sites, mentor & train them to create & own their all contents.
  • Books Reading: Last year, I met only 25% of my book reading goals. I plan to redouble my book reading efforts and would like to read at least six books in year 2020.
  • Writing: I have started my daily writing project late last year. I plan to continue this project to hone my writing craft.
Learn & Share

As part of my learn & share project, I plan to learn & share about personal information, digital privacy & security, and data brokerage, and health & wellness.

Lets Have a Happier & Prosperous New Year 2020!

Cover photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash