Zen Rule: Change One Thing


In this Quartz article, Emily Temple suggests referring to Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits “In order to make any change in one’s life—whether it’s to get out of debt, become fit enough to run a marathon, or get on better with your family—he says, start with a single change. It should be small; not a goal, but a tiny first step”.

“It should be small; not a goal, but a tiny first step. It could be to run for ten minutes; to spend two minutes drawing; to prepare a healthy work lunch for one day a week. It could be to stay in hard conversations for a moment after you want to leave, and spend that moment trying to listen.”

Change one thing to become happier

  • Start very small.
  • Do only one at a time.
  • Be present and enjoy the activity (don’t focus on results).
  • Be grateful every step you take

Source: Quartz magazine

Emily adds “The beauty of the method is that its smallness removes the problems that result from many self-help recommendations and resolutions: too often they leave people quickly overwhelmed by the task in hand, or swamped by a sense of failure. The change should be so small it’s not hard to do. What takes rigor, for people drenched in stimuli and commitments, is identifying something that is truly small enough.”