Zoom – A Pandemic Winner


Prior to the pandemic success and failure of a business depended upon a strategist designed demand & supply and other marketing strategies. The coronavirus pandemic has reshuffled those orders and has created new sets of winner and loser of Businesses.

If there’s one business that has come out ahead after a very hard year, it’s Zoom. The Silicon Valley upstart has become synonymous with video chat over the course of the pandemic. It has fulfilled our need to see and be with each other, even when we can’t do that in person. And it’s beat out some of the biggest names in tech along the way.

Shannon Bond in the NPR News

Talking to NPR, Kelly Steckelberg, Zoom chief financial officer, told that when US ordered locked down in early March 2020, businesses across began to work remotely and looking for ways to keep working remotely. ‘Schools were setting up virtual classrooms, so Zoom started offering educational accounts’.

On March 15, 2020 everything changed. Almost overnight, the demand grew exponentially. [..] People were thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I still need my children to take their tutoring lesson’ or ‘I still want to take my yoga class. This is what we started to see happening sort of gradually and then, all of a sudden, it really exploded for us.

Kelly Steckelberg, Zoom chief financial officer on NPR

Shannon Bonn writes “Fitness classes, happy hours and club DJs moved to Zoom. So did court proceedings and presidential campaigns. People celebrated weddings and bar mitzvahs. They learned to give themselves haircuts and facials. […] Just how quickly the technology reshaped people’s lives can be summed up in a single figure: Zoom meetings attracted 300 million participants a day by April — 30 times the amount just four months earlier.”

However Zoom’s popularity and convenience came with high cost: “intruders crashed Zoom meetings because security was so lax. The attacks soon gained a name: Zoombombing.”

“That period was ‘a humbling experience for all of us’. But we learned a lot through it. And we have come out on the other side a better company with a stronger and more secure platform,” told Zoom’s CFO Steckelberg.